Research Team Leader  Boris Snopok, Senior Scientific Officer
Institution Institute for Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine
Postal Address 45, Prospect Nauki, Kiev 252028, Ukraine

The research interest of the group are focused at the interface between Chemistry, Biology and Physics and in particular in the design and assembly of systems based on supramolecular architectures that are bioactive. The scientific team from the ISP has accumulated rich experience in the formation of organic assemblies from nanoscopic to macroscopic scale; methodologies to study the interactions between bioactive molecules; AFM techniques as tool to probe the structure and nature of surface assemblies; optical methods for nondestructive characterization of surfaces (i.e angle-resolved light scattering).

Current research interests of the Department of Functional Optoelectronics includes many aspects of the structure order - property function relationships of biological/organic/inorganic systems, in particular, in thin films and at fictionalized surfaces. Strong emphasis is put on optoelectric and piezoelectric techniques to elucidate the structural and functional properties of supramolecular assemblies on the surfaces and nanomaterials. Specific areas of research are: structural engineering of organic/inorganic supramolecular architectures for sensing application mainly using a tractable/self-limiting and self-assembling procedures; molecular control of nanoscopic processing; interfacial and thin film physics (structure, dynamics); integrated optics (surface plasmons, differential polarization interferometer); piezoelectric transducers (QCM based “electronic nose” and QCM-D techniques).

List of selected recent publications available by Internet:


1.  B.A. Snopok , K.V. Kostyukevych, G.V. Beketov, S.A. Zinio, Yu. M. Shirshov, E.F.Venger “Biochemical passivation of metal surfaces for sensor application: reactive annealing of polycrystalline gold films in hydrogen sulfide atmosphere” Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics and Optoelectronics. 2000. V.3. N1. P.59-68.


2.  B.A. Snopok, P.E. Strizhak, E.V. Kostyukevich, V. Serebriy, S.I. Lysenko, P.Shepeliavii, S. L. Priatkin, S. Kostuykevich, Yu. Shirshov, E. Venger “ Interfacial architecture on the fractal support: polycrystalline gold films as support for self-assembling monolayers”. Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics and  Optoelectronics. 1999. V.2. N3. P.86-97.


3.  B.A. Snopok, Ya. O. Lampeka “Thin films of organic molecular crystals possesing Type B lattice: spatial structure of dibenzotetra-azaannulene film is related to its thickness”.  Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, V.2, N2, P.69-72 (1999).

( n2_99/69_299.htm).

4.  Snopok B.A., Kostyukevych K.V., Rengevych O.V., Shirshov Y.M., Venger E.F., Kolesnikova I.N., Lugovskoi E.V.“A Biosensor Approach to Probe the Structure and Function of the Adsorbed Proteins: Fibrinogen at the Gold Surface”.  Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, V.1, N1, P.121-134 (1998).



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