Research Team Leader  Sergei Eremin, Senior Researcher and Head of Research Group
Institution Department of Chemical Enzymology, Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State Univeristy
Postal Address Leninsky Gory, Moscow 119899, Russia


Moscow State University is a biggest University in Russia and is well known worldwide. The Department of Chemistry is a leader for teaching and research in Russia. The Department of Chemistry has established a lot of scientific contacts with research institutes and universities in Europe. Division of Chemical Enzymology is one of the biggest at the Department (about 100 researchers including corresponding member of Russian Academia of Sciences, 10 Professors, 24 Ph.D. researchers and several Ph.D. students. The main research field are: isolation and purification of enzyme, investigation of physic-chemical property of enzyme, analytical application of enzyme. One of the recent area is development of novel immunochemical assays using enzymes as enhanced of chemical signals. The Division is a Russian leader in development of traditional methods of enzyme immunoassay as well as homogeneous and heterogeneous assay with chemiluminescent detection, flow-injection and membrane immunoassay.

Dr. Sergei A. Eremin is a chief of the research group of Immunoassay, which including researcher (Ph.D.), 5 Ph.D. students and technicans. This group is leader in the field of organic chemistry and immunochemistry. The research programm of this group has been directed to the synthesis of  tracers and immunogens for development of immunoassays for hormones, abused drugs and pesticides. This group will be synthesise immunogens and fluorotracers for sulfamethoxazole, raise polyclonal antibodies to this drug and develop polarization fluoroimmunoassays for it. The group will also develop dip strip ELISAs for the three target drugs and use these to analyse extracts from food and beverages.


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