Research Team Leader  Herman Budnikov, Professor and Head of the Chair of Analytical Chemistry, 
Institution Faculty of Chemistry, Kazan State University
Postal Address 18 Kremlevskaya Street, Kazan 420008, Russia

Kazan State University is one of the leading research teams in the development of electrochemical biosensors for field applications. The biosensors developed were successfully examined both in laboratory and field conditions for the detection of heavy metals and pesticides in the environment, patient diseases, immunodeficiency status etc. More than 30 articles are published in the refereed journals, more than 20 articles in international journals. The research team has experience in the development of ready-to-use reliable enzymatic sensors which can be used in filed conditions.

Main references in the Project area

1.  Evtugyn G.A., Budnikov H.C., Nikolskaya E.B. Influence of surface-active compounds on the response and sensitivity of cholinesterase biosensors for inhibitor determination.  Analyst 121 (1996) 1911-1915.

2.  Evtugyn G.A., Rizaeva E.P., Stepanova N.Ju., Petrov A.M. Preliminary testing of waste and sewage waters based on cholinesterase biosensor. Environ.Radiology Applied Ecology 3 (1997) 7-12.

3.  Evtugyn G.A., Rizaeva E.P., Stoikova E.E., Budnikov H.C. The application of cholinesterase potentiometric biosensor for preliminary screening of the toxicity of waste waters. Electroanalysis 9 (1997) 1124-1128.

4.  Evtugyn G.A., Ivanov A.N., Gogol E.V., Marty J.L., Budnikov H.C. Amperometric flow-through biosensor for the determination of cholinesterase inhibitors. Anal.Chim.Acta 385 (1999) 13-21.

5.  Ivanov A.N., Evtugyn G.A., Gyurcsanyi R.E., Toth K., Budnikov H.C. Comparative investigation of electrochemical cholinesterase biosensors for pesticide determination. Anal.Chim.Acta 404 (2000) 55-65.

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