Project No 00-00870

Simple Methods for Determining Potent Xenobiotics in Water and Foodstuffs


First INTAS Meeting on the Project was organized at the Centre for Pharmaceutical and Environmental Analysis, School of Sciences, University of Sunderland, on Nov.9-10, 2001. The programme of the Meeting is presented below:

Friday November 9th
9.15 a.m. Opening of the Meeting, Fleming Building
9.15.-9.45  Tour of the School of Sciences
9.45-10.15  Meeting with key staff of Sunderland University
10.15-11.15 Demonstrations of Dip Stick and Sniffer Systems 
11.15-12.00  Review of Administrative Details
Afternoon Session Antibody production/availability/characterization
1.30-2.00 Review of the Aims and Objectives and an update on developments
2.00-5.30 Antibody production/availability/characterization


Sulfamethoxazole: immunogen synthesis, Immunization schedules, antiserum testing


Estrogenic steroids (Stewart Armstrong, Sunderland University) - see also zip file


Beta-lactam antibiotics


Discussion and Summary
Saturday 10th November Sensor development
9.00-10.00 Optical systems; Review and proposed developments 
10.15-10.45 Electrochemical systems; Review and proposed developments
10.45-11.45  Discussion; timetables, reagents; logistics
Afternoon Session Method validation and sampling
1.45-12.00 Method validation; review of standard methods for  steroids, antibiotics and cytotoxic agents
1.30-1.45 Standard methods for extraction (SPE); review of the approaches for the target analytes; implications for sampling
1.45-2.15 Antibody-based extraction methods for steroids and antibiotics (Stewart Armstrong, Sunderland University) - see also zip file
2.15-2.45 Sampling; Logistics and analysis
2.45-3.30 Summary of meeting

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