Date and Place of birth: 1962, 29 July, Kazan, Russian Federation
Diploma of Chemistry 1987, Kazan State University (Physical Chemistry Department)

1987 - the Defense of Candidate Thesis (Ph.D., Physical Chemistry)
1999 - the  Defense of Senior Doctor Thesis (Analytical Chemistry)


Career / Employment :

Kazan State University: 

Assistant Professor (Physical Chemistry Department) 1988, 

Researcher (Ecology Department) 1989-1991, 

Principal researcher (Ecology Deaprtment) 1992-1995, 

Associated Professor (Applied Ecology Department) 1995, 

Full Professor (Applied Ecology Department) 2000 - at present


bullet Specialization:
Main field:    Enzyme sensors for the monitoring of environmental pollution
Other field: Electroanalysis, DNA sensors

(iii) Financial Awards of Russian Foundation of Basic Research 1996-1999
French-Russian Project "Biotechnology for agricultur" 1998-1999, 

Member of the Comission on Biological and Biochemical Methods of Analysis, Scientific Council of Analytical Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences



Russian Foundation for Basic Research  (rfbr-1.htm )

97-03-33210 "The development of electrochemical biosensors for the detection of hydrolase inhibitors" (1997-1999)

00-03-32605 "The development of electrochemical biosensors based on planar modified electrodes for the diagnostics of environmental pollution"(2000-2002)

INCO Copernicus (1997-1999)

IC-15-CT-96-0804 "Biosensor for the direct determination of environmental pollutants in field".

French-Russian Programme "Biotechnology for agriculture" (1999-2000)



Contact address:  Ecology Faculty, Kazan State University, 18, Kremlevskaya Street, Kazan 420008, Russian Federation
Tel. 007-8432-315569
Fax: 007-8432-380412
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